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Mission Statement

Bright Ring assists Students, artists, and craftsmen to realize their sustainability goals, by offering education, experience, and the tools required to enhance earning potential; providing not-for-profit organizations the technology, creativity, and education needed to identify both traditional and non-traditional income sources and to educate and enrich the public through arts, recreation, sciences, community engagement and the exchange of cultural interest. 


We see a world where children are encouraged to become artists. A world where artists are able to live a sustainable lifestyle and can provide because of their artwork. We see a world where art is the bridge that connects people from all walks of life. We believe everybody should own a piece of art that they appreciate.


In the future, we plan to open community arts centers in Atlanta neighborhoods that will serve aspiring artist in that community. The arts center will be a hub for aspiring or local artists that need a studio or place of instruction on how to create art. The community center serves as a place to display local artists’ artwork.

The community center will include:

  • Event space

  • Theater

  • Gallery space

  • Studios (media,dance,theater,classrooms)

Bright Ring Foundation is a 501 (C)3 non-profit
corporation registered in Georgia.


How We Help Artists 

One of the hardest challenges aspiring artists face is getting their art displayed in museums and galleries to be able to generate sales from their art. It can take years to get the notoriety an artist needs  to be able to get their art displayed in museums. Bright Ring Foundation curates pop-up art shows that highlight local artists’ talent in Atlanta to help them get exposure. We also provide alternative options for artists to generate profits through art merchandising, commissions and art instruction.

Why ?

Arts’ importance to society is often overlooked in today’s America,  but it’s value and influence has never been more needed. Art is a fundamental cornerstone to influencing culture and shaping society that is worth supporting and preserving. Art is the bridge that connects us all together. It shapes culture, enhances our quality of life, and helps improve our youth’s developmental skills. We believe everyone should own a piece of art to appreciate or be a part of the creation process. We need artists to continue creating art that inspires and influences society.

What We Do

We help artists sell art and gain exposure by providing platforms for them to display their art. Our art shows are curated to engage and connect the public with artists to enhance their appreciation for arts and culture. Bright Ring also helps artists create alternative opportunities to generate money from their talent and give back to the community.


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