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Black & Proud |Pop up Art Show  

bp art cover .jpg

Giving Thanks |Pop up Art Show X Canned food Drive

Curated by: Bright Ring Foundation and See Dakota


Brooke foreman  @illastratorB

Blanca Bustamante  @dismorphicbb

Kaylin James @kaynjames

Katy Mathis @la.fia

Mark Burn @blessed_melanin

Chanel Glenn @prism_byChanel

Syndle Johnson @syndlerella

Trinity H. Smith @Secretlythemoonphotos

Justin Wilkins  @Callmesense

Carson Pennella @capglass

Allen Jaion Powell @based_chacoo

Jenn Haralson @jennharalson

Entertainment Provided By : I Keep It Classic LLC

Performance By:

Alex Marion @alexmarion_music

William Lamar @williamlamar

Shantavia Stewart @shan_honey

Event Dj:

Dj Talent @talentdj

Resident Chef:

Blake Daniels @chosen_cook

Bright Ring Foundation is hosted an art show and canned food drive Nov 23, 2019, from 6 pm -10 pm, called “Giving Thanks”. It is was a community art show, social event, and fundraiser focused on providing for families in need during the holidays. 


Bright Right Foundation has partnered with the Atlanta Community Foodbank to accept canned goods. I Keep It Classic LLC will be provided live musical performances.


Art Saved My Life |Pop up Art Show (Series 2)   

BrightRing Foundation hosted an art show fundraiser called “Art Saved My Life” at Stained Gallery August 17, 2019, from 6 - 10 pm. To raise money to convert a shipping container into a unique, one of a kind mobile art gallery so that we can provide artists with a free gallery space to display their work to potential clients and gain traction and wall space at future venues. 

Curated by: Bright Ring Foundation and See Dakota


Kamon Sherriff    @kingkamonster   

Courtney Patrick @chikinart

Kayla Carr  @kay_carr

Brooke foreman  @illastratorB

Kawon jones   @Kawonjonesdotcom

Wai Lawson  @Mzrtystic

Dametri Coleman @truuuartz_

Shã @mythirteenfeathers

Josh Lewis @jd___art

Alexandra Hans  @hvn92

Kadeem @kadeemsnextcentury

Jordan Solomon  @Kingsolomon217

Justin Wilkins  @Callmesense

Marcus Williams   @trapvangogh

Dwayne Jordan @Trueartsdna

Kendall McCann   @lil_kennyy /


Performance By:

Alex Marion @alexmarion_music

Event Dj:

Daddy Ratchet @luckynumba9ine



Atl Juice Company  @atljuicecompany

The Dogwood TShirt Company  @Dogwoodtshirtco

Choke Ah Bead  @chokeahbead

beryl blush blonde @berylblushblonde

Final Beat Comics   @finalbeatcomics

Ellimac Art Gallery   @Ellimac Gallery

Jusmycreations @Only_sakina

Art Saved My Life |Pop up Art Show (Series 1)

Curated by: Bright Ring Foundation and See Dakota

Sounds by:

DJ Kutt Throat @djkuttthroat

DJ Talent @talentdj

DJ Celena Baby  @celenababyy


Art Showcased:

RIPMU @ripmu

Chris Davis  @nameschrisdavis

Mark Burns  @blessed__melanin

Gary Ellis @garyellisart


Art Saved My Life was a charity pop-up art show March 30,2019 That supports artists that have dedicated their lives to creativity, expression, and turned their passion into a career. Our pop up show was curated to create an experience that connects viewers with the artists and enhances their appreciation for art.

Nightmare On Edgewood  |Pop up Art Show

Nightmare On Edgewood pop up art show was Halloween Oct 31.2018 at Iconic lounge on 419 Edgewood Atlanta, Ga. Our pop up art show was curated to be a haunted house themed art show with art from local Atlanta artists.

Curated by: Bright Ring Foundation and See Dakota

Sounds by:

DJ Talent @talentdj

DJ Celena Baby  @celenababyy


Shah @dayofshah

Art Showcased:

R.C. Morales III  @m3dzn

Deante Collins  @artbymeechie

Kayla Carr  @kay_carr

Jessica Ross  @deadlikemeart

Ossy Nory  @indigo.s.69

Stephen Johnson  @stephenlotus

Courtney Patrick  @chikiniart

Bernard Lewis @tattoosxsaint

Marsh Arts  @themarshartsstudio

Mark Burns  @blessed__melanin

This Is America |Pop up Art Show

This is America” Pop-up art show was August 31,2018 located at The Bakery Atlanta. It was curated to bring awareness to social injustices in America. By combining both art and music allowing local Atlanta artists from different disciplines to showcase their art and express themselves. While also providing a platform for artists for to gain exposure to potential clients.

Curated by : Bright Ring Foundation and See Dakota

Sounds by:  DJ Kutt Throat @djkuttthroat


The Thrift Jesus @thethriftjesus

Stay Stoned Jewelry @staystonedjewelry

Marsh Arts  @themarshartsstudio

Artists Showcased:

Corbin Creatives Photography
Jasmine Sherry Corbin @corbincreatives

Aziza Andre'   @azizaandreart

Nigel Wallace @nigeldarius

Hannah Aryee  @Hannah_The_Creator

Dominique “CatBae” Chanel   @artbycatbae

ClarityMonk/ Morgan Adams  @claritymonk

Maryam Ahmad  @mzashawdy


Melody Monroe   @msmelodymonroe

Rshun  @r_shun

King Taycho  @kingtaycho

Glenn Saddler & FarOUT Fam  @faroutfamily

Tab/ T.Bryant  @tall_and_bony

Kenny Culture  @kenny.culture

Nahla Bee  @nahlabee

Apache  @apache_atl

SOULONONSOUL  @soulononsolum

Chantana    @eshe_chantana

Khadeejah  @kd.coded

Marsh Arts  @themarshartsstudio

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